All your multinational packaging jobs in professional hands.

Globally consistent top service

BKSI PACKING N.V is a member of the INPRO Group, an international network of independent industrial packaging specialists across five continents.

The close, extremely professional cooperation between its various members is based on a shared philosophy which means that customers can consistently count on the same exceptional quality and service worldwide for their international packaging assignments.

Added value for your multinational packaging jobs

Members of the INPRO Group offer a state-of-the-art packaging service. We make your goods completely ready for export and/or road, sea or air transport.

Many INPRO Group members also provide additional services such as container loading, project management and logistics services. As a result, the end customer can arrange everything with a single contact, even for multinational packaging projects, because the same employee coordinates all the various cross-border services provided by the different members of the INPRO Group for the same project.

Benefits to you:

- One central contact for all your multinational packaging jobs
- Very centrally positioned hubs around the world to reduce your logistics costs
- A very high and consistent level of service internationally
- Flexible solutions tailored to your needs

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