SEI Standard

BKSI PACKING NV is a member of SEI

Optimal, transport-proof packaging for your goods

BKSI PACKING NV is a member of SEILA (Syndicat de l’Emballage Industriel et de la Logistique Associée). Our packaging complies with SEI and HPE technical specifications. That gives our cases an added guarantee of proper seaworthiness. The application of the SEI / HPE standard is shown on the crate.

Our bespoke wooden cases are your best guarantee that your goods will be transported safe and intact

Unpackaged or unprotected goods cannot be made safe against rust, discolouration, oxidation, etc. Making seaworthy boxes and crates is therefore bespoke work. It is done by our own team of experienced craftsmen, coopers and packers who ensure that your goods are properly protected.

BKSI also secures your goods properly for flawless transport.

We use a range of solutions to secure goods effectively:

- Cradles: for irregularly shaped or very heavy goods
- Customised support: for example specially milled supports for round parts
- Glass racks for diagonal transport
- Custom crates for low loaders

SEI packaging ensures 100% protection against corrosion

For goods susceptible to corrosion, additional inner packaging is provided made of aluminium laminate film or VCI protective film with desiccant. The wood used is HT (Heat Treated) in accordance with ISPM15.

SEI/HPE-compliant packaged goods are guaranteed to be protected against corrosion and can be safely stored for one year.

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