BKSI Packing N.V.


Any type of container: BKSI PACKING can stuff and strip it for you.

Your container made completely ready for transport

BKSI PACKING N.V. is not just a packaging expert: it also specialises in loading your containers. You can rely on us to prepare virtually any type of container for transport: box containers, open containers, flat rack containers etc.

Any type of container stuffed and stripped with expertise and care

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, we know that one container is not the same as another, and we also know exactly how to handle your consignment.

It is all done with care and a can-do attitude by our team of motivated and experienced staff. We work extremely efficiently with certified packaging and modern loading methods, so that the job gets done safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

We are well aware that a smooth-running logistics operation is your strongest asset. That’s why we’re always here for urgent loading and unloading jobs too.


BKSI PACKING NV’s central location keeps your (international) freight and logistics costs down

You supply your goods. We will then do the rest and stuff/strip your container on our site near the Port of Antwerp and in the immediate vicinity of the motorway.

Our stuffing and stripping services combined with the central location of our hub cut your costs by considerably reducing the time taken for the transit and transfer of your cargo and container to the boat, truck or plane.

We can also temporarily store your goods for subsequent shipments and deliveries.


Reasonable pricing

BKSI PACKING applies fair and transparent pricing. You will receive a clear quotation from us in advance. We will load or unload your container on the basis either of a fixed price or a unit price. Please contact us for a custom quotation.


You can turn to BKSI PACKING for the handling of the following goods

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